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New book »Not only a question of good taste«

In the book  Not only a question of good taste, that has recently published [only in German at the moment] by Springer publishing house, the organization of fine dining restaurants is explained in an entertaining but equally scientifically sound way. On the basis of interviews with 1-, 2- and 3-star chefs, service personnel, restaurant critics and many other sources, the following questions, among others, are answered

  • Why is the judgement of certain restaurant guides accepted by guests and professionals, although food is known to be a matter of taste?
  • What motivates chefs to award stars, even though it is not economically worthwhile?
  • How do they manage to balance creativity and routine?
  • How has the management style in the kitchen changed?
  • What tricks and means are used to ensure a perfect evening by the service?

The book includes a foreword by 3-star chef Jan Hartwig and a chapter on top gastronomy in the Corona crisis.